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        Yucai wind machine with advanced technology and scientific management, and excellent service, continuously improve the quality assurance as. Always adhere to the "all we have to do better" fan factory manufacturing purpose, to customer satisfaction and expectations, as the fan always persist firmly in pursuit of product quality.

Pre-sale and sale of fan commitment:
 1, business personnel offer process, each representative office employees have the obligation to enable customers to fully understand the product models, specifications, properties, applications, safety precautions, so as to ensure the customer to make the right choice before the contract is signed. After signing the contract, will be strictly in accordance with the quotation and contract, provide timely delivery time and quality of the product in the same type of contract. If the customer before delivery the product model put forward proposals, will give the communication and cooperation actively, in order to meet the reasonable demands of customers, for the order model may not change, will be in the signing of the contract carefully before and written confirmation of customer, in order to reduce to cause unnecessary trouble and losses.
  2, all the fan products will be the logistics center commissioned professional third party logistics company or companies to address with the customer as agreed in the contract. Our quality service will transfer in the whole logistics process, if the customer receives the unfair treatment in the course of enjoying the logistics service, please contact customer service engineer or customer relationship management center for your service to seek support and assistance, and will regularly review the service process, in order to avoid such phenomenon.
  3, fan product before use, should be written customer or EMAIL is required to provide on-site technical support, training and demonstration, to enable customers to related staff to fully understand and understand product function, using methods and safety first. Our quotation is not generally include on-site technical service fee. In the entire product use process, will provide the patient, friendly, warm and technical support, reliable safeguard room safe use and operational excellence.

Yucai fan after sale service commitment:
  1 my company product quality guarantee period: from the day of the factory is twelve months.
  2 in the quality guarantee period, failure is caused by manufacturing quality, the company is responsible for free repair service.
  3 the company received complaints, will within 12 hours of contact with customers, and put forward the suggestion.
  4 is the urgent need of on-site processing quality, customer service and our customer service personnel after contact. Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai area within 24 hours within 72 hours; Jiangsu China,Company customer service service personnel arrived at the scene.
  5 pairs of non on-site service quality caused by the manufacturing company, our company will according to the actual occurrence of travel and other expenses, the technical service fee charged to the customer.
  6 pairs of non-quality problems the company manufacturing the damage or warranty damage, our company to provide paid service repair.
 In order to facilitate customer quality complaints, I fax machine runs 24 hours a day. Fax: 0575-82364441

Yu Fan's commitment to quality:
  Shangyu Yucai Fan Manufacturing Co., the company has passed ISO9001 international quality system recognized certification. Partition of the service network to ensure a rapid response, there is nothing comparable to this customer service and local support. For customers, the inherent value and commitment they represent trusted Huacheng centrifugal fan reflects. The values and commitments embodied in Yucai fan reliable quality and customer service and technology.
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