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Shangyu Yucai fan fittings, muffler, muffler muffler pipe, air duct, circular muffler, noise elimination shutter
The series of products are installed in the ventilation pipe muffler on request, according to the functions as: resistive type muffler, muffler, muffler, muffler, cellular, impedance compound muffler, micro-perforated muffler, micro-perforated muffler elbow, short arm bend muffler, muffler shutter, the static pressure box
Application: fan accessories, the company supporting the production, design with the actual use of the wind turbine, to achieve the ideal matching with the fan. Muffler elbow fan accessories, muffler, control box, wind electrical, smoke fire damper, aluminum alloy fixed, movable shutter, shock absorber, air switch etc.
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