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        Shangyu Yucai Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(former Shangyu Yucai fan factory) was founded in 2003 October, is the largest civil fan (including the blower muffler, air valve, air inlet) one of the production enterprises, the headquarters is located in Zhejiang Shangyu, in the country with 55 offices, the number of staff of more than 300 people, including college education staff of 34 people, intermediate and technical personnel more than 16 people. With the wind machine production line three, air valve four production lines, production lines and a tuyere.

A high starting point, high input, high quality is the technology development strategy of Yucai fan

        Automobile mass production mode according to the production of the company, the product design according to the modular design, all parts according to the standard mold production and inventory piled up, component assembly fixture with manufacturing, product assembly according to the pipeline program for assembly, currently has 500 tons of hydraulic machine 1 sets, 315 tons of hydraulic machine 2, Germany Heidelberg automatic welding machine 2, the national wind turbine test system, CNC plasma cutting machine two sets, CNC turret punching machine, dynamic balancing machine 6, and in 2011 April will be the technology as part of the technical department, technology department, design department, design department three, introduction of industrial design professionals design the upgrading of products, design direction for site installation service life simple, use of energy saving, maintenance of a fool, long-term

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit

        The company has reliable quality guarantee system, first through the mass transfer can be traced back to the corresponding production staff for each product in each working procedure, then transferred the process of have a professional team of inspectors and team leader for inspection and signature recognition, finally assembled by the inspection team for product testing and commissioning of the full range of wind pressure, volume, efficiency, noise, quality transfer card to production staff, team leader, team quality inspector, inspector signature products are finished it allows the factory after approval. 1 hour rapid response mechanism for the implementation of after sale service, 165 offices from the installation commissioning, technical guidance, to provide comprehensive services to clients, now Yucai products are run efficiently, such as: the capital airport, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Expo Park, Suzhou Huaneng thermal power, Xinjiang Korla oil field, Zhejiang Beilun power plant, Youngor Group, Baosteel Group, Guangzhou Toyota automobile, the Olympic Stadium (Shenyang), the Shanghai South Railway Station, Vega Kokusai Hotel and other national key projects and landmarks. Facing the future, Yu Fan formulated the "development strategy of China building civil fan tycoon", established by the construction of civil fan as the core business, related to the fluid machinery industry business system, through mergers, concentric diversification development, full integration of China civil air industry, to create a national brand, and strive to enter the world ten strong ventilation.

        The company product specification is complete, the main products of centrifugal fan, roof fan, exhaust fan, axial flow fan, tunnel fan, blower, induced fan, fan, industrial fan, fan, Francis fan, oblique flow fan series and other accessories products etc..


     Yushu earthquake donation of 30000 yuan3
     Xi Lai Le investment (Group) Limited brands designated supply ventilation equipment
     Liuzhou Railway Bureau railway tunnel fan supply brand designated
     The times supermarket brands designated supply ventilation equipment
     Vanke, poly, China Railway Bureau, bureau of bureau of eight, thirteen, eighteen, nineteen Bureau, bureau of Siye, twenty ye, Zhongtian Group close supplier
     Shangyu fan association director unit
     Zhejiang Province integrity management enterprise
     In 2007 the heavy quality, Shou credibility excellent demonstration unit
     The national industrial products production license
     The ISO9001 quality management system certificate
     RTC, SDS, HTF, HTFC, fire damper, smoke damper inspection certificate
     CE certification
     The certificate of patent products
The entrepreneurial process
     In 2003 October to create Shangyu Yucai fan factory.
     In 2007 July the plant expansion and renamed as Shangyu Yucai Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is the production base.
     In 2009 January investment to build factories for the production base of two.
     In 2011 December investment to build factories for the production base of three.
     The company has developed into a company with more than 300 employees, Fixed assets 4 ten million yuan, covers an area of 42000 square meters, comprehensive wind construction area of 37000 square meters of machine, air valve, muffler, air manufacturing enterprises.

Factory Production base one Production base two
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